Adult learner learning teaching technology using

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With improved health care increasing life expectancy, and new technologies requiring older practitioners in fields such as alternative healthcare to seek continuing education, adults now have an abundance of reasons to keep learning. Adult education teacher programs offer personal enrichment, academic and vocational courses in areas as diverse as cooking, art, music, technology, math, language, and health and wellness. More importantly, outside of the usual recreational or required CE education offered, adult education teachers provide a critical conduit to other adults looking for literacy and high school equivalency diploma classes.

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Jump to navigation. Her career has included research and teaching about intellectual, ethical, identity, and intercultural development; curriculum transformation; issues of race, ethnicity, and gender; campus climate assessment; and the psychology of organizational change. Here, Knefelkamp talks about how working with adult students can inform our interactions with students of all ages, what tradeoffs come with new educational technology, and why K.

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Many college instructors think of their undergraduate students as adults and treat them as such. Understanding some of the characteristics and challenges of adult learners at Vanderbilt can enable faculty to support these students in positive ways. Despite being thought of as adults by many of their instructors, undergraduate students themselves do not share the perception that they are adults.

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The teacher of adults has a different job from the one who teaches children. If you're teaching adult students, for the best results it's important to understand and practice five principles espoused by Malcolm Knowles, a pioneer in the study of adult learning. He observed that adults learn best when:.

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As any good educator knows, we humans never stop learning. Teaching adults is not exactly like teaching younger students. Our job is to match their drive and make their experience engaging and meaningful given these constraints.

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The demographics of students attending institutions of higher education in the United States are changing. These students form a distinct population in that they often bring rich personal and employment experiences to the classroom, may struggle to support multiple roles and responsibilities above and beyond those of traditional learners, and can require significant adjustments in terms of their learning styles, needs, and abilities Baptista, ; Ross-Gordon, At the same time, there has been an incredible expansion in the area of information and communications technology Radford,

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The adult ed curriculum is increasing in size and complexity, but the time allocated by students to reach their educational goals has stayed the same, or in many cases has decreased. Students are in a hurry to make change in their lives. There is no question about the benefits of teaching workforce readiness skills to adult learners, but teachers struggle to find enough time in the class period to teach all the things that need to be taught.

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Class Central is learner-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Central Institute of Technology via Open2Study.

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When it comes to learning, adults are not over sized children. Maturity brings unique characteristics that affect how adults are motivated to learn. By appealing to the unique qualities of adult learners, we can design more effective and motivating online courses.

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Jump to navigation. Adult learners approach education in a very different way than younger students. Many will be studying part-time as they continue to work and support their families. They tend to know more about their individual strengths and weaknesses as students, have set attitudes toward school, and be more intrinsically motivated.


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