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I appreciate the responses to my previous posts on this issue and, after reading some of the questions, thought somewhat pressed to write this last one. OK, so we know what Christian marriage is. Got it.

It is admittedly odd to think that a progressive, humanitarian shift in attitudes toward gays and lesbians might lead, ironically, to a noticeable decline in the homosexual population. Yet this is precisely what I predict will happen over the very long course of natural selection should the societal-level normalization of adult homosexual relationships, such as is happening currently with the triumphant legalization of gay marriage in my new home state of New York, continues happily on its way. In one extensive study infor example, researchers Alan Bell and Martin Weinberg, factoring in ethnic differences, found that 35 percent of gay white males, and 13 percent of gay black males, reported having been married to a woman.

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But everything in my life comes back to animals or food, so we knew it was going to be one or the other, right? Even the horses are mooshed into each other. That was the original concept.

Yesterday was a historic day for the United States, and I was as delighted as everyone else I know. I resolved then that, if I was against anything in life, I was against the worldview that had hounded Turing to his death, or anything that even vaguely resembled it. To support gay rights in the 60s, 70s, 80s, even the 90s, took courage.

In June ofyear-old Anna Donovan-Harris attended a routine optometry appointment, when…. Close Sidebar. Leave a comment.

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In the largest study of its kind yet, researchers find no single gene influences whether a person engages in same-sex sexual behavior. The work reiterates that there is a biological component to having a same-sex partner. Neale and colleagues drew on data from nearly half a million people who submitted DNA samples to the genetic testing company 23andMe and the U.

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Some examples, including the attacks on the President:. God, help us all. He could end up setting back race relations decades.

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Campaigns that have spent years working in cities around the world, particularly in Europe, have given rise to a much more open-minded culture by raising awareness and tolerance of the LGBT collective, as well as normalizing sexuality with freedom and without taboos. Despite the fact that these changes have been reflected in tourism, there are still many places in the world where homosexuality is punishable with fines, prison sentences and in the most extreme cases, the death penalty. It is because of this that is so important for the LGBT collective to know which destinations will accept them without the need to hide themselves, and which places they would have a harder time in.

Erik is quite the witty gentlemen, and has some, um, interesting things to say about life on the road. We hope you enjoy his writing as much as we do. This week I realized something important. It is that if someone thinks you are gay, and may be thinking about killing you, you tell them you are in a metal band.


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