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As someone struggling with depression since childhood, I understand what it is like to conflate depression with a personality. It can seem like the sadness is all you are and all you ever will be. So when my friend said this, my stomach dropped.

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Discover how the freedom of sucking at something can help you build resilience, embrace imperfection, and find joy in the pursuit rather than the goal. When was the last time you tried something new? Odds are, not recently.

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As important as it is to stay optimistic and grateful, I am not blind to the fact that some days are going to be hard. I have a lot of good days, I have a lot to be grateful for, and a lot of reasons to wake up each morning with energy to take on the day, but I also have bad days — where it feels like a dark cloud consumes me and everything around me. Life is predicated on the perspective you have and the gratitude you show for any given situation.

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Or are we, deep down, wired to be bad, blinkered, idle, vain, vengeful and selfish? We view minorities and the vulnerable as less than human. One striking example of this blatant dehumanization came from a brain-scan study that found a small group of students exhibited less neural activity associated with thinking about people when they looked at pictures of the homeless or of drug addicts, as compared with higher-status individuals.

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Not only that, but I feel more eager to try new things that I am likely to do very, very badly. For example: stop-motion animation. The process of failing was invigorating.

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Have you ever thought: Who am I? What the hell am I doing? And how did I get here of all places?

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Most of us want the same things- having a great life, enjoying freedom and flexibility in your days, and truly being fulfilled by what you do. In reality, however, very few of us actually do. Most of us will spend our time here going through the motions of a well-balanced life and die with too many regrets to count.

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No one makes bad software on purpose. No benevolent programmer has ever sat down, planning out weeks of work, with the intention of frustrating people enough to make them cry. Bad software, or bad anything, happens because making things is hard, making good things doubly so.

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Jump to navigation. When we deny what reality is giving us, what is really happening, then we create suffering. So life is a dance between minimizing expectations and surrendering to what our lives actually reveal to us. The Armed Forces have no other choice.


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