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A classic Body Horrorthe Vagina Dentata is a folk myth of toothed female genitalia, which occurs in many cultures worldwide, from Maori to Native American. It is suspected that the concept originally came into play as part of a Scare 'em Straight cautionary tale, warning of the dangers of sex with strange women, but the surreality of the image, and the castration anxiety it evokes, has made it a hallmark of psychoanalytic painters and writers. Currently, many anti-rape female condoms work along the same principle.

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The myth of the vagina dentata - vagina with teeth - has proved strangely compelling down the centuries, but who would have thought it would become real? Later this month, South African women will be able to arm their vaginas with the Rapex device, a product priced at 1 rand around 7p and sold over the counter. Shaped like a female condom and worn internally, its hollow interior is lined with 25 razor-sharp teeth, which fasten on to an attacker's penis if he attempts penetration.

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In my alternative International Zine Month calendar, I planned to organise my zine collection, take a photo of my own zines and make plans for a split zine this weekend. My band Vagina Dentata just recorded their very first demo! Vagina Dentata filmed some new songs recently.

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Stories of the mythical vagina dentata Latin for toothed vagina exist in virtually every culture. While many of these tales are cautionary for men to beware where they put their dicks lest they lose them, other and far more disturbing versions involve non-consensual penetration of women in order to remove said teeth. Men's fears of castration compounded by an inherited cultural belief of sexual entitlement function as foundational pillars of masculinity, and patriarchies respond by attempting to control women's "dangerous" sexualities and bodies. Respective wars on women around the world are deeply rooted in the persistent myth of the toothed vagina and what it represents.

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We looked inside some of the posts tagged with vaginadentata and here's what we found interesting. Think I need to bring this act back again soon. Forget the raven who ate the sun This is the dentata devouring the moon.

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Do you want to book us? Mail to vaginadentatacrust gmail. Buy our CD by mailing to vaginadentatacrust gmail.

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In preparation for our upcoming exhibition, Foreign Bodiesseveral members of the engagement team went to visit UCL Pathology Collections, to have a look at a collection of foreign objects removed from the human body. It is a fascinating, not to mention an educationally invaluable collection — not least because it contains many specimens that demonstrate gross clinical manifestations of diseases which are now very rare in the Western world. Some of these diseases, such as syphilis, are unfortunately making a comeback, so it seems more important than ever that medical students are able to recognise the clinical signs of these infections.

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Sign in. Watch now. A couple of thiefs from a battlefield have a strange encounter that will change them forever.

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Well, I suppose this is meant to be appetizing. Oh, just gross. What is that thing? We have George Lucas to thank for the Pit of the Sarlacc, a giant subterranean desert plant that digests its prey for a thousand years.


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