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Most of us experience boredom doing any number of things: in the workplace, commuting, or during the meaningful but sometimes very tedious task of parenting young children. Boredom is a negative emotion, but it's a motivationally driven one. Essentially, it's a call to action to change your circumstances.

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What won't teens do for a bit of excitement? If they're not overdosing on Jenkem or bubbling their way to a fever bordering on frenzy while at an after-school rainbow party, they're setting fire to themselves for the world to see. Way to go, teens of the world!

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Heck, the idea of the traditional family vacation in the summer might not excite them as much as it used to. This is particularly a good idea if a kid has been placed in an advanced placement class for the upcoming school year. Find odd jobs to do One of the top desired destinations might be someplace like the mall, until they realize they have no money to spend.

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Or maybe you were born sometime in the last two decades ishand had a childhood that perpetually involved a screen. But there was a time before the iPhone and after the Industrial Revolution, which, really, gave birth to leisure time when we humans desperately tried to avoid the dark embrace of boredom. Having nothing to do meant spending time alone with your own thoughts. Which: Ew.

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W hat springs to your mind when you hear the expression "bored teenagers"? A threatening group of hoodied youths, swigging cheap alcohol, smoking skunk and hanging around on street corners? Glue sniffing?

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DIY Entertainment. The good news is that there are many ways to slay boredom. If you know where to look, there are so many fun things to do online when bored—some of which can even be considered constructive.

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From my teen, it will likely be a mumble because that seems to be the norm right now, but it will be there! These boredom busters are good all summer long! This post contains affiliate links.

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Do you have teenagers? If so, you probably hear a lot of complaints about boredom even in the middle of their over-scheduled weeks. One teenager I know basically posted "I'm so bored" as his Facebook status update nine times out of ten. So what do you do with bored teenagers?

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How Can Schools Protect Themselves? Cast Your Vote! By Kate Stringer January 16,

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For the last 15 years I have been helping teenagers with depression, addictions, anger, rebellion, drugs, anxiety, stress, lack of motivation, and more. My mission is to help your child become a healthy, happy, and responsible young adult. Please enjoy these free tips on how to help your teen. Take A Moment.


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