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Mondialement connu, le Bulldog Anglais est aussi le symbole de l'Angleterre. Aimant les challenges, j'ai voulu rendre mes Bulldogs sportifs. Objectif atteint!!

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Faites une recherche par personne : Acteurs trices -doubleurs Acteurs trices originaux. Adaptateurs trices Directeurs trices de plateaux. Quand les chasseurs de son clan et la princ

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More than once I left Chicago far behind, fled the heat, the rub of life along the lake. I slipped away, up the Soo Line into Canada, stepped down, a burst of steam, took the tunnel underneath the tracks, rose beneath the bright arch of the division point station, found River Street awash with rum and willing women, policemen already trained to look the other way. Oh, sure, I might have had an itch to dominate that action, but this was small-time stuff, Chicago was my town. Ah yes, more than once I had my hair cut here.