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It must have been fate that Justin would lead a unique life compared to his peers. With a backpack and his cap on backwards, he looks just like any other college student in Taiwan — but Justin possesses a maturity that sets him apart from others his age. Although the youngest child in his family, Justin never enjoyed the luxury of being spoiled by his parents and older siblings.

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McDonald's McDonald's knows how to attract protests — this time from antigay religious groups. The second video shows an emotional moment between a father and son at a McCafe, in which the young man passes a coffee cup to his dad reading "I like boys," reports Adweek. The father withdraws from the table, upset, leaving his son alone to collect himself.

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McDonald's is a global fast-food chain specializing in hamburgers. It operates more than 30, restaurants in more than countries on six continents. The company is headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois.

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One also groped her, according to the suit. Reed reported the mistreatment to the franchise owner and was later fired, she alleges. They say the suit, together with complaints filed by current and former employees around the country in recent months, demonstrate a "widespread pattern of sexual harassment, discrimination and abuse" against gay and transgender employees at the fast-food giant.

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But a less-than-happy meal ensues. The father storms off, leaving the kid dejected. Eventually the father returns and writes on a cup, "I accept that you like boys.

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Having said that, the decision not to air the gay friendly ad in the US is strictly a business wise decision. France does not have a rabid Christian Taliban population that would protest anything remotely gay friendly as you would find here in the US. McDonalds is more than willing to piss of the gay population if it keeps the millions of overweight Christian fundamentalists at bay.

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Inthe McDonald brothers opened a hot dog stand in Monrovia, Californiainspired by a local hot dog stand that seemed to be the only profitable business in town, and which primarily served patrons at a local racetrack. However, the stand had few customers after racing season ended. Maurice decided to open a bigger hot dog stand in San Bernardinoa large working-class town approximately 50 miles eastward, with a population of approximatelypeople.

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A gay business advocacy group is charging McDonald's with hypocrisy after the global fast food giant aired a gay-themed commercial in France. In the second spot, a young man is shown in a McDonald's restaurant, admiring a picture of his all-male class and speaking in French to a classmate on a cell phone, telling him he misses him. The man hangs up once his father, carrying a tray of food, arrives at the table.

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After his son shares a romantic cell-phone conversation with his male lover, the father brags about being a ladies man when he was younger. Image via Flickr: Marcio Cabral de Moura. We have always been free, whether in print or online, and we intend to remain so.

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A McDonald's ad in Taiwan featuring a son coming out as gay to his father is being criticized by religious groups in the country for "polluting young minds. The father considers the revelation, and then writes "I accept that you like boys" on the cup, to the young man's relief. McDonalds has explained that the purpose of the ad was "to show the spirit of open dialogue between family members," and that "different voices can be accepted in society. Most Popular Hillsong worship leader clarifies he hasn't renounced faith, but it's on 'incredibly shaky ground' Skillet rocker: Stop elevating Christian influencers, learning theology from praise songs.


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