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Infidelity in the Sacrament of Marriage is one of the most challenging of all wounds to heal. Infidelity creates severe betrayal pain for spouses and children and, unless properly addressed, can result in marital separation, divorce, repeated unchaste behaviors and severe emotional and spiritual trauma in the loyal spouse and children. The origins of infidelity in Catholic marriages often arise from unresolved conflicts from youth and, to a lesser extent, from adult life.

Adultery from Latin adulterium is extramarital sex that is considered objectionable on social, religious, moral, or legal grounds. Although the sexual activities that constitute adultery vary, as well as the social, religious, and legal consequences, the concept exists in many cultures and is similar in ChristianityIslamand Judaism. Historically, many cultures considered adultery a very serious crimesome subject to severe punishment, usually for the woman and sometimes for the man, with penalties including capital punishmentmutilationor torture.

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There are many reasons why married people cheat. Frustration in the marriage is one common trigger; the cheater may make several attempts to solve problems to no avail. Maybe they had second thoughts about getting married or they were jealous over the attention given to a new baby and neither had the skill set to communicate these feelings.

In a recent study of predictors of infidelity in couple relationships, for example, findings indicate men and women overall follow the stereotypes. Men who cheat do so wanting more sex, variety and frequency, whereas women are driven by needs for emotional connection and nonsexual affection. Mark, Janssen and Milhausen also found the factors that drive men and women to cheat differ greatly. Predictors for men in the study, for example, were related to performance anxiety and visually stimulating triggers.

Historically, society has used language that has served to minimise infidelity and its consequences. These terms lead one to conclude that infidelity is a small interpersonal issue with no collateral damage. Therapeutic intervention for sex addiction has become a growing industry, while the call to personal responsibility and accountability is constantly diminishing.

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This is from the book The Sexual Healing Journey These are from the chapter in the book "identifying the sexual impact".

What constitutes an act of infidelity depends upon the exclusivity expectations within the relationship. When they are not met, research has found that psychological damage can occur, including feelings of rage and betrayallowering of sexual and personal confidenceand damage to self-image. The form and extent of these consequences are often dependent on the gender of the unfaithful person.

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Of course, as time goes on, more of the faithful will become unfaithful. It may be hard at first to separate the chronically unfaithful from those who have only one brief affair in 50 years, but these are very different people. Pittman distinguishes between adulterers and womanizers. Adulterers males usually have one affair, typically during a crisis—when passed over for a promotion or when his wife is very busy—and then feels guilty.

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Her father was a skilled engraver, and her parents provided her with an excellent education that included private tutors. While her marriage to the intellectually gifted Jean-Marie Roland gave her access to the company of a number of fascinating if minor figures of the French Enlightenment, it was the upheaval of the Revolution that made Roland herself a public figure. Once associated with Robespierre and considered representatives of the far left wing of the Revolution, the Girondins were recast as royalist anti-Republicans, [End Page 16] enemies of the very Revolution they had so passionately embraced.

Editor's Note: The following research brief, originally published on January 10,is our number 1 blog post of the year. The last few months of treated us to a whirlwind of news coverage on sexual harassment and abuse, with powerful men from Hollywood to Washington, D. And most of these men are married. However, as the figure above indicates, this gender gap varies by age.


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