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Incorporate them into your meal or use them after dinner as enticing form of foreplay. Here they are, ready for your shopping list. Lick it seductively off your finger — or off your partner.

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Nor do you need to score a fancy hotel room. You see, both acts of having sex and eating food activate the pleasure centers of the brain by releasing the mood-boosting hormone dopamine. Food can also elevate your bedroom pleasure by boosting your mood, making you feel better naked, revving your libido, and increasing your enjoyment.

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As if there weren't enough reasons to shop for good food, here's one that your partner will love, too: an ability to take your libido from so-so to off the charts. While no single food is likely to consistently work romantic magic, any of these might spice up your menu and your evening and morning and midday : Apples: Help keep bad breath away and your partner closer than ever. Bananas: Contain bromelainan enzyme thought to boost male libido.

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When it comes to sexsome people think two's company, three's a crowd. Others would revise that to say three's an experience so incredible, they'd tell their grandkids about it one day if that were remotely appropriate. Whether you've never had a threesome before or you have and are back at it again, there are ways to make it as mind-blowing as possible.

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What now? Frozen pizza party? Take-out menu roulette?

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Grocery shopping is a personal and unique experience. No two shopping lists are the same. People develop and evolve their groceries to suit their needs and situation.

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A grocery list is a handy tool that can help you navigate the store with ease and help you stick to your healthy eating plan. A well-thought-out grocery list is not only a memory aide, it can also keep you on track, minimizing impulse buying while saving you money. The following tips will help you prepare a healthy grocery shopping list so you can fill your cart with smart choices.

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Even if you have an unlimited meal plan and if you do, we're totally jealous! Keeping your mini-fridge stocked means that you'll never have to worry about rushing to the dining hall to grab a meal if you don't have the time between activities. Be sure to print out the full itemized list at the bottom before your next trip to the grocery store.

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These Top 10s are the best, the worst, the weirdest, the funniest, and the saddest lists in the collection. I swear. Happy New Year! What, you were waiting for something else?


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