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On the issue of the sexuality of Jesusthe traditional understanding of Christian churches is that Jesus did not marry and remained celibate until his death. That has not prevented speculation about alternative theories of his sexuality. The Gospels and the New Testament reveal little on the subject.

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When I was thirteen years old, my dad died from AIDS as a result of a same-sex relationship outside of his marriage. So when as a follower of Jesus, I get called a bigot, it hurts me deeply. I loved my dad; most of my happiest childhood memories were shared with him.

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This article is part of the What Did Jesus Teach? Oremus was less concerned about the legal issues of the story than he was about the accuracy of the statement on the shirt. He writes.

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Legal proceedings and legislative action in a number of countries have given civil recognition to same-sex marriage relationships, and the question of same-sex marriage continues to be widely debated. Marriage between a man and a woman was instituted by God and is central to His plan for His children and for the well-being of society. Strong families, guided by a loving mother and father, serve as the fundamental institution for nurturing children, instilling faith, and transmitting to future generations the moral strengths and values that are important to civilization and crucial to eternal salvation.

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Over the last several centuries, people have made Jesus what they wanted Him to be. In nineteenth-century Europe, Jesus was a Romantic, then an Existentialist. In the United States, the foremost historians of the s considered Jesus a social reformer.

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Adherence to Christian doctrine is expanded to encompass the teachings of The Book of Mormon and other teachings originating with Joseph Smith, who established the Church inin New York State. The Church has a pyramidal structure. Ultimate authority lies with the First Presidency, and comprises the President, who is most commonly referred to as the Prophet, and his two counsellors.

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How often did Jesus get things wrong? They must be put to death. Revisionist hermeneutics can seem pretty silly when we consider who Jesus was.

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P reaching on Good Friday on the last words of Jesus as he was being executed makes great spiritual demands on the preacher. The Jesuits began this tradition. Many Anglican churches adopted it. Faced with this privilege in New Zealand's capital city, Wellington, my second home, I was painfully aware of the context, a church deeply divided worldwide over issues of gender and sexuality.

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Why do Christians get so offended when atheists point out shocking things written in the Bible? Or when we point out shocking things that were cut from the the final version? At Lorain County Community College in Ohio, the Campus Activists for Atheism group is causing a stir because a poster for the club makes reference to a passage cut from the Bible.

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A few years ago the Ramsey Colloquium—a group of Christian and Jewish scholars—published a sharp critique of "the gay and lesbian cause" which they titled "The Homosexual Movement. It hardly needs to be said that entering the debate in this way exposed the Ramsey Colloquium to angry denunciation and was, for some of its members, an act of courage. My purpose is not to criticize the declaration's reasoning but to draw your attention to one paragraph as the starting point for our conversation:.


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