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But there is something you can do. Does your scoliosis leave you feeling hopeless? Do you worry about how your condition will progress and worsen over time?

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Spinal deformity is an abnormal alignment or curve of the bony vertebral column. Adult scoliosis and kyphosis can be caused by age-related wear and tear on the back or complications from past surgeries. Moderate deformity occurs when the facet joints and discs deteriorate over time and are no longer able to support the spine's normal posture.

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Why does scoliosis develop most often in late childhood? And why is it more common in girls? Scoliosis most often develops in late childhood because of the association between growth and progressive scoliosis curves.

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This article provides a general overview of idiopathic scoliosis and its treatment. OrthoInfo features several articles on scoliosis developed in collaboration with the Pediatric Orthopaedic Association of North America and the Scoliosis Research Society. Please refer to the "Related Articles" listed on this page for additional information.

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The rapid increase of elderly population has resulted in increased prevalence of adult scoliosis. Adult scoliosis is divided into adult idiopathic scoliosis and adult degenerative scoliosis. These two types of scoliosis vary in patient age, curve pattern and clinical symptoms, which necessitate different surgical indications and options.

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Print Version. It is natural for the spine to curve forward and backward to a certain degree; this is what gives the side-view of the spine its "S"-like shape. But occasionally the spine twists and develops curves in the wrong direction--sideways.

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Scoliosis is defined as a curve of the spine of 10 degrees. Adult scoliosis is broadly defined as a curve in your spine of 10 degrees or greater in a person 18 years of age or older. Adult scoliosis is separated into 2 common categories:.

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Scoliosis — a lateral or sideways curvature of the spine in one or more places — is most frequently seen in children and adolescents. However, adults may also be diagnosed with scoliosis, either when a curve that existed in their youth progresses, or as a de novo newly diagnosed condition that can result from degenerative changes in the spine and osteoporosis. Figures Progression of adult scoliosis from age 14 top left to age 46 lower right.

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Everyone's spine has subtle natural curves. But some people have different curves, side-to-side spinal curves that also twist the spine. This condition is called "scoliosis".


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